Single Mom Oil Changes Offered At Mueller’s Auto

Early in the year 2000, Mueller’s Auto began providing a grassroots-generated charitable day designated for free-of-charge oil changes for cars belonging to single mothers living in the East Side neighborhoods in Pueblo County, Colorado. In 2007, various associates joined Mueller’s Auto in partnership to continue this vital service to low-income residents. The business naturally had the necessary accommodations for the service delivery. Also of importance is the location of Mueller’s Auto. The target service areas for the event are the four East Side neighborhoods.

The “Single Mom’s Oil Change Day” accomplished twenty-five to thirty oil changes per year from the years 2000 to 2006, serving approximately 25-30 single mothers with children per year. From 2007 through 2012, the shop was able to service one-hundred cars yearly. This was due to partnerships between Faith Ridge Ministries, Fellowship of the Rockies church, Fleet Supply, and Cliff Brice.

Over the years, the project developed strong service relationships with the Pueblo City-County Health Department, the Pueblo Community Health Center, Pueblo Public Schools (D-60), daycare centers for children, food distribution programs, and local churches. These collaborations are important to identifying and reaching families that have the greatest needs. The demand for the Single Moms’ Oil Change Days has grown, as has the number of low-income moms.


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