Do I Need to Replace My Car’s Engine?

Many people opt to buy a new car rather than replace the engine once the engine has reached the end of its life. For some people, however, their automobile holds significant value and they do not want to get rid of it. In this case, Mueller’s Auto can replace your car’s engine when it needs it. We can either rebuild the system that has failed or drop a new engine into the automobile depending on the problem. Here are common reasons why car engines need to be replaced.

Constant Overheating

If your automobile is heating up all the time, it’s possible that you have a cracked head gasket or cracked engine block. These issues are severe in nature, and in the case of the cracked engine block, you’ll need to have a new engine dropped into your automobile. If you see a ton of white smoke pouring out from underneath the hood when your car does overheat, you’ve got coolant hemorrhaging from somewhere.

Engine Knock

Constant engine knock is not normal, and although this can be a sign that you have the wrong fuel in the tank, it’s more likely that there is a problem going on with the rods and rod bearings. When you break a rod, you won’t be able to drive your automobile at all. If the rod bearings are going bad, the knock that you hear is the pistons banging up against the cylinder walls.

Excess Exhaust

Excess vehicle exhaust is also a sign that you need a new engine. Black exhaust means that your engine has a serious fuel leak somewhere in it. Blue exhaust is a common sign that the engine gasket has failed and you have motor oil leaking all over the inside of the combustion chamber. As mentioned above, white exhaust suggests that your engine is hemorrhaging coolant most likely from the head gasket.

Metal in the Oil

If you have metal shavings in your motor oil, you won’t be able to drive your car at all. The engine will die within a few hours of this condition and the reason why is simple: the engine is disintegrating. Metal shavings in the oil indicate that the metal parts are wearing down and the shavings are introduced into the oil as it flows through the engine. This is definitely a sign your engine needs to be replaced.

Power Loss

Finally, your vehicle’s engine only has so much life in it even if you take excellent care of it. Eventually, no matter how many times you have work done on the engine, it won’t be able to generate power and this is a sign that it’s time for a new one.

Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo, CO, can help if your vehicle needs a new engine. Call us today.

Photo by Aleksandr Rybalko from Getty Images via Canva Pro