Five Signs My Power Steering Pump Is Going Bad

Your vehicle’s power steering is aided by the power steering pump. If this pump goes bad, you’ll have difficulties controlling your automobile. You’ll get plenty of miles out of your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s power steering pump – about 100,000 miles or more – but if you drive a high-mileage vehicle and notice any of the following symptoms, Mueller’s Auto warns that your power steering pump might be going out and, consequently, it will need to be replaced.

1. A Steering Wheel That Doesn’t Respond

You know how your vehicle responds when you turn your steering wheel. If anything in that response changes, your power steering pump could be malfunctioning. You might find it difficult to get your automobile to turn corners or make other changes in direction. This can put you in a sticky situation if your power steering isn’t working and you are stuck in an intersection or other dangerous place.

2. A Steering Wheel That Feels Stiff

You may get a warning before the above happens if your steering wheel starts to feel stiff when you use it. A stiff steering wheel is an indicator that your power steering pump is failing. How your steering wheel feels, i.e., the resistance it gives you when you turn it, shouldn’t change. If it does, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can inspect the power steering system.

3. Groaning Noises When You Turn the Wheel

A common sign of power steering pump failure is groaning. Your automobile will groan and moan every time you turn. This noise will get louder the worse your power steering pump gets. It’s a good idea to have the pump checked at the first sign of groaning sounds. This ensures the pump is replaced if necessary before you end up being unable to control your automobile.

4. Squealing Noises When You Start Your Car

Sometimes, the pump’s belt will squeal when you first start your car, truck, or utility vehicle. The squealing will stop after a short time or you may hear it again when your steering doesn’t respond to your commands. Anytime your vehicle squeals when you start it up, bring it to our shop. A squealing belt is too loose and might break.

5. Whining Noises When You Turn the Wheel

Finally, another sound you will hear if your power steering pump is going bad is whining sounds. This noise, too, will accompany a stiff and non-responsive steering wheel.

Don’t take chances. Call Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo, CO, today if you believe your power steering pump is going out.

Photo by Stason4ic from Getty Images via Canva Pro