Get Your Vehicle Back To School Ready

With summer coming to a close and fall coming on fast, now is the time to make sure that your vehicle is back-to-school ready. At Mueller’s Auto, we never want you to have to deal with pesky things like a dead battery or a car stalled in the carpool lane. Before you say sayonara to the kids, make time in your schedule for a trip to Mueller’s Auto for an inspection and service, and use this checklist so that you will be good to go.

Oil Change

We know we stress this over and over again, but there is nothing easier or better that you can do for your engine than keeping up with your oil changes. Your engine relies on new, clean motor oil to keep it clean and lubricated. As soon as your oil starts to break down it will begin to leave grime and build up. Which is never good.

If it has been 3 months or 3,000 miles since your last oil change, now is the time to come see us. And while you are at it, don’t forget to have your oil filter changed as well.

Clean It Up

Both outside and inside, your vehicle is a reflection of you. Why not make an effort to make your best first impression? Give your vehicle a good wash and wax before school starts and don’t forget to remove all the debris that has accumulated over the past few months. 

We also recommend doing a little research to find the best product for your upholstery. Nobody ever regrets a clean vehicle. 

Check Your Brakes

Your braking system keeps you and your children safe on the way to and from school every day. It only makes sense to have them inspected before the first day of school. A thorough brake inspection should include your brake pads, brake fluid, rotors, and more. 

The easiest way to get your vehicle ready for the back-to-school rush is by making an appointment with Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo CA. Call us today.

Photo by tomertu from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro