The Following Signs Indicate That Your Clutch Needs to Be Replaced

The last thing we want you to do here at Mueller’s Auto is panic. We are going to list signs below that your clutch needs to be replaced, but bear in mind, if we can adjust the clutch to resolve the problem, we will. The sooner you bring your vehicle to us the better. If you continue to drive your automobile with a faulty clutch, you will damage it further.

Acceleration Lag and Stuttering

You may not know this, but your clutch is what makes your wheels turn; indirectly, that is. When you press down on the clutch, you can feel the cut in the engine power. This is because the clutch is transferring the power from the engine to the transmission. The transmission uses this power to turn the drivetrain, i.e., The parts it turns your wheels. If your clutch is going bad and it doesn’t transfer the power between the engine and the transmission, your vehicle’s acceleration will lag and stutter. Consequently, your wheels will not turn.

Burning Odors Coming From the Clutch

If your clutch is starting to smell hot when you use it, it’s slipping. A slipping clutch does not stay engaged, and, as a consequence, it does not complete the power transfer between the engine and transmission. This, too, can cause your vehicle’s acceleration to lag. It’s important to have a burning clutch inspected right away because adjusting the clutch may solve the problem.

Changes in the Clutch Pedal’s Feel

A clutch that is going out will also feel differently underneath your foot. The catch or bite point will change – it usually gets higher – and/or the clutch will start to feel soft or spongy underneath your foot. This is never a good sign. Your clutch should always give the same resistance.

Grumbling Sounds or Squeaking Noises

If the clutch is slipping, you may hear grumbling or grinding sounds as you shift gears. Again, this is an indication that the power transfer is incomplete. The clutch itself may also make noise. The most common sound that a failing clutch makes is squeaking noises when you press down on it.

Problems With Shifting the Gears

Finally, a bad clutch is going to make it difficult for you to shift through the gear cycle. You may find it impossible to get your vehicle into gear, or the manual transmission may fight you as you shift through the gears. This is definitely a sign of a malfunctioning clutch.

Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo, CO, is a full-service auto shop, and we’d be happy to inspect your clutch. Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

Photo by Nottpossible from Getty Images via Canva Pro