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When should you bring your car, truck, or SUV in for transmission service and repair? Every 30,000 miles for service and whenever something seems wrong for repair. We offer transmission service and repair to our customers at competitive prices. The advantage at Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo, CO, is our experience. You can rest assured when we work on your automobile, we’re giving it decades of experience and automotive know-how. We are your transmission Pueblo #1 choice!

Transmission Service in Pueblo, CO

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission is simple. At 30,000 miles, and then every 30,000 miles after that, bring your automobile in and we’ll change the transmission fluid and check the entire system. If you drive a stick, we’ll also adjust your clutch to keep the catch where you like it. Part of the system check includes looking for damage, leaks, rust, or other corrosive materials. We want to keep your transmission in the best shape possible so you never have to take advantage of our repair services.

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Even if you are faithful about your transmission services, you may still run into trouble, especially if your car, truck, or SUV has a lot of years and mileage underneath its belt. A transmission fluid leak is one of the most common problems with both automatic and manual systems. You’ll spot the leak underneath your vehicle between the front and rear ends.

Transmissions leak more from the center of your automobile than the front. Other signs of transmission trouble include

  • Burning smells, such as burning rubber from a slipping clutch
  • Clunking or whining sounds, especially in neutral
  • Failure to go into gear
  • Gears grinding and/or slipping
  • Sluggish or no response

Another sign of transmission trouble is your dashboard warning light. You might get a Check Engine light warning if something is wrong with the transmission, so don’t take chances and come in right away if you notice any of these signs of transmission problems. The sooner you get the problem fixed the less damage you’ll do to your vehicle’s transmission. This keeps your repair bill down and avoids the need for a transmission rebuild, which can be expensive.

One-Stop-Transmission-Shop in Pueblo, CO

We are your one-stop-transmission-shop. We will maintain your transmission so, hopefully, you never need it repaired. If the time comes that do, however, we have the experience to repair or rebuild your transmission so it works just like new. You can count on our technicians to provide you with the best transmission service and repair around, and we treat our customers with the utmost respect because we consider you our family.

Transmissions Near Me

At Mueller’s Auto, we treat your car, truck, or SUV as if it were our car, truck, or SUV, so stop by our shop today.

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