Vehicle Suspension Problems Produce the Following Signs

Your automobile’s suspension puts up with a lot. It supports the weight of your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s body and allows you to control the automobile. It also makes sure you have a comfortable ride. Mueller’s Auto advises that if your suspension is having problems, you may notice one or more of the following signs of suspension trouble listed below.


Part of your vehicle’s suspension is the struts and shocks. If these parts are wearing down, your ride will get bumpier and bumpier. These suspension parts are designed to absorb the bumps in the road so you always feel comfortable when you are driving your automobile. If your car has been rocking and bouncing more often than normal lately, you need to get the shocks and struts replaced.

Low-Sitting Wheel

Another sign of suspension problems is a low-sitting wheel. In other words, your vehicle’s body will sit lower on that wheel than on any of the other wheels. What has happened is the suspension spring has broken on that wheel. You may have heard it break without realizing it. The broken spring will make clunking noises when it breaks and when you go over bumps.

Momentum Motion

Your vehicle suspension not only absorbs uneven roads but also helps prevent your automobile from reacting to its own momentum. In other words, the suspension prevents your car from lurching forward, diving backward, or leaning when you stop, start, or turn corners, respectively. Another sign that you need new struts and shocks is this momentum motion.


One of the most common signs of suspension problems is pulling to the side. You’ve probably dealt with this before if your wheels have been knocked out of alignment. You’re driving straight but your car is drifting to the right or left. Usually, the only thing that is required to fix this issue is to realign the wheels. We can do that for you if they’ve been knocked out of alignment.

Steering Problems

Finally, your steering system is a part of your vehicle’s suspension and it can give you problems for any number of reasons. It’s possible that the only problem is that you need to add power steering fluid to the hydraulic system. This being said, the steering column can also go bad as can other crucial steering system parts. This, too, is a sign of a suspension problem.

Mueller’s Auto in Pueblo, CO, can inspect your vehicle’s suspension thoroughly to make sure that it is okay. If it isn’t, we will repair it.

Photo by pagedesign from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro