Why Is Wheel Alignment So Important?

When your wheels are aligned, your vehicle will go straight like it is supposed to unless you steer it otherwise. Wheel alignment ensures that your tires are flush on the ground so that your tread does not wear down unevenly. Wheels are aligned to ways: side to side and top to bottom. A car that does not have aligned wheels is difficult to handle. Mueller’s Auto advises that this is why wheel alignment is so important: it helps you control your automobile.

How You Can Knock Your Wheels Out of Alignment

Your wheels will slowly be knocked out of alignment as you drive your automobile, but you can also knock them out quickly while you are driving. An automobile accident is one way to knock your wheels out of alignment. Even a minor incident can cause problems with the wheels. Other ways that you can knock your wheels out of alignment include

  • Driving over bumps too fast
  • Driving over road debris too fast
  • Hitting curbs
  • Driving into or over parking space markers
  • Driving over speed bumps too fast
  • Driving through potholes too fast

It’s much easier than you might realize to knock your wheels out of alignment. It’s important to keep an eye out for road hazards and to slow down if you must drive over them or avoid them if you can. Pulling into parking spaces slowly and turning corners slowly can also help you avoid markers and curbs and knocking your wheels out of alignment.

When You Need to Get Your Wheels Aligned

You need to get your wheels aligned when you have a new set of tires put on your automobile. After that, it’s a good idea to have your wheels aligned every two years. If you knock your wheels out of alignment prior to the two years, you need to get them aligned right away. Your vehicle will also give you signs that the wheels need to be aligned. The two most common signs are pulling to the side and an off-center steering wheel.

The Importance of Balancing the Wheels, Too

It’s also important to make sure that your wheels are balanced. If they are not, the road will chew up your tire tread. Balancing the wheels means that the weight is distributed across your vehicle’s axles evenly. If your wheels begin to vibrate as you pick up speed, they are out of balance and need to be balanced. It’s a good idea to have your wheels balanced when you get the tires rotated.

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Photo by wathanyu from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro